Dental Implants – Everything You Need to Know

dental implants model

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Dental implants are the best solution for patients who suffer from tooth loss or bad teeth. In this article, we compiled everything you need to know about Dental Implants. 

What are Dental Implants?


Dental Implants are roots-shaped implants made of titanium.

These implants replace the roots of our natural teeth when the natural teeth are missing and can hold a crown on top of that or can hold a full arch of teeth, depending on the situation and how many teeth are lost for this patient.


Are Dental Implants Permanent?


Yes, they are. Dental Implants are a permanent solution for the missing teeth and the patient gets to use them like normal teeth, chewing and smiling with them like a permanent tooth.


What Do I Need to do Before a Dental Implant Procedure?


The only thing that we ask the patient is to make sure that they have their oral hygiene improved, so dental implants won’t fail. That is all that is needed from the patient side.


Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?


Good candidates for dental implants are patients who lost one tooth or more than one tooth or are about to lose their teeth. Patients can lose their teeth for different reasons, it can be because of decaying (cavities), or they are losing their teeth because of trauma like an accident, or even they are losing teeth because of gum disease that affects the bone structure around the teeth gets resorbed, and then there is not much bone around to support the teeth, the teeth become loose and then the patient loses the teeth.

So, dental implants can solve a different range of scenarios, depending on the patient lost.


Will I be without teeth for any amount of time?


The response to that is no.
On the same day we extract the teeth, we put the implants, and the same day you get your teeth attached to the dental implants, so there is no downtime. The patient is going to have teeth the whole time.


What Kind of Treatment Is Needed for Failed Implants?


There are several treatments available for failed implants.
For instance, if the patient is having an ailing implant which is the implant didn’t fail completely, sometimes we are able to graft these implants and clean the implant surface and that will improve the situation.

When a dental implant failed completely, it is necessary to remove the implant and replaced it by a new dental implant. So, depending on the scenario which is different from patient to patient.


How do You Clean?


You clean it like a normal tooth using a toothbrush, water floss, tooth floss and you clean it like a natural tooth.


What are used for?


Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth from a single tooth to multiple teeth or can be all the teeth in the mouth so it depends on the patient’s situation and the patient need for teeth replacement.

all-on-4 patient 008 before
Before photo of an All on Four procedure
all-on-4 patient 008 after
After photo of an All on Four procedure
Before Photo of an All on Four Procedure
After Photo of an All on Four Procedure
Full Mouth Reconstruction patient 003 before
Before photo of a single implant procedure
Full Mouth Reconstruction patient 003 after
After photo of a single implant procedure

Can be done in one day?


Yes, it is done in one day (Teeth in a day)
The patient will come in, we extract the teeth, place the implant, and place the teeth on top of the implant on the same day.

This procedure is called several terms, all on four, all on x, teeth in a day, all on six,  hybrid implants, hybrid teeth, or full arch dental implants. which all refer to the same procedure.


Can Get Cavities?


No. Dental Implants can’t get cavities because dental implants are made of titanium, a material that doesn’t get cavities but the patient still need to clean around dental implants so the gum stays healthy around it.

How do I Know What Type to Get?


Implants are like cars, there are different brands and the thing about the implant is that you need to have an implant that was made from a brand that will be there in years when you need some parts for the maintenance of the dental implants. It is very critical to have an implant made by a company that has been there for many years and you know that in a few years if you need some parts for this implant, it is going to be there.


What Dental Implants Feel Like?


A dental implant feels like a natural tooth, you can chew on it, and eat on it like a normal tooth.


When Are a Medical Necessity?


They are a medical necessity when the patient loses function because of the loss of teeth, and patients are not able to chew their food so which causes them some GI  problems.

Also when patients have advanced periodontitis, the bacteria associated with this disease can affect the general health of the patients, in fact, these patients have  %25 higher risks of developing cardiovascular disease. 


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