What Is The Process For An All On Four?

What Is The Process For An All On Four?

A: The first step is taking a record of the patient’s mouth, taking some pictures of their face so we can start designing their smile. Once we get the smile design and the teeth ready, we schedule them for their transformation day. On their transformation day, they come in the morning, we put them to sleep, extract all the teeth, and place the implant. Before the end of the day, we’ll be ready to place their teeth on top of the implant so they will walk out of this office with a new smile on their face.

Restoring Smiles With All On Four By Dr. Nahlah

We realize that a lot of patients are a bit nervous when it comes to any kind of dental surgery. In fact, it’s actually more common than you might realize. Even some dental professionals get a bit uneasy when undergoing the procedures themselves.

However, the best way to help ease that anxiety and nervousness is to make yourself more knowledgeable about the procedure you are having done.  Most patients find that when they know what to expect out of a process, they are less likely to be worried about it.

We certainly do not want any of our patients to go into any procedure blindly, so we want to inform you of what to expect with the All On Four process:


Dr. Nahlah does not want patients to be uncomfortable in his chair for any procedure. It can lead to more complications and may hinder his work.  Therefore the first step is local and general anesthesia so that you will be completely relaxed.

Prep Work

You will then have your mouth prepped for the titanium posts that will be implanted.  This includes removing any remaining failed teeth and cleaning up any infected gum tissue.


Dr. Nahlah will then begin implanting the titanium posts into your jawbone at the specific points required for your personal All On Four treatment.  Every mouth is different, so your post locations are specific to your mouth only. Although typically, it’s two at the front of your mouth and two at the back on each side.

Prosthetic Placement

Once the prosthetics have been secured to the implants in your mouth, Dr. Nahlah will go over the surgery site and do a thorough cleaning.  Incisions will be sutured, and you will be taken to recovery to relax while the anesthesia wears off. Your new smile is done!

Your Recovery Expectations

Typically, traditional implants have a long recovery time, upwards of three months or more. Dentures require a long adjustment period to learn how to speak and eat with them in place. However, with the All On Four process from Dr. Nahlah, most patients return to work in 1-2 days with a bit of Tylenol. The recovery is so quick because the procedure is very precise, it is done in one visit, and there is not a lot of recurring trauma to your jawbone.

In Recovery

When the initial bleeding stops, a technician will pack the surgery sites with gauze packs that you will need to gently bite on. This secures them in your mouth while the bleeding fully stops.  An hour or so later the gauze will be removed or re-packed depending on if the bleeding has stopped or not.  If it hasn’t you will be released home with instructions on how to re-pack the gauze until bleeding ceases completely.

When You Arrive Home

It’s very important to not engage in any activity that might irritate the tender surgery sites in your mouth. DO NOT touch the sites or rinse with water.  You will be given a medical oral rinse and that is the only safe way to rinse the areas.

One Day After Surgery

If you still have a bit of bleeding a day later, you can rinse your mouth out with saltwater. Do not spit, just tilt your head and let the water run out naturally. This can be repeated 2-3 times daily as needed. After this, you can play it by ear for the rest of the week.  You may want to take a week off from work, however, most patients return after just two days, it really depends on your situation.

Get Your All On Four Dental Implants With Dr. Nahlah 

If you have been contemplating restoring your smile with dental implants, come visit Dr. Nahlah and do not put it off another day.  Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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