Oral Hygiene Topic: Healthy Food Choices

Did you know that you can enhance your oral health via your eating habits? Not only can you keep your mouth safer and healthier by avoiding unwholesome products such as those high in sugars, but you can also eat foods that can help strengthen the thin defensive layer on your teeth known as tooth enamel.

Are you that there are minerals in some products that actually have the ability to re-mineralize tooth enamel to help strengthen it for its daily battle against decay and erosion? These minerals, calcium, and phosphorus, can be found in an assortment of products we eat daily, including in cheeses, meats such as chicken, nuts, and in many types of milk.

Being aware of what to eat and drink is important in your quest for a beautiful smile. Always remember to stay away from sugary foods and drinks as they can be catalysts for dental erosion caused by plaque buildup and harmful acids. Saliva production can also help to maintain a clean and safe mouth, so try chewing sugarless gum after meals to help increase the presence of saliva in your mouth.

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