What Are The Benefits Of An All-on-Four?

What Are The Benefits Of An All-on-Four?


A: The benefits of All-on-Four is the patient gets the experience of having fixed teeth on the same day of the procedure.  So, they will never walk out with dentures or missing teeth in their mouth—we get to restore their smile in the same day.  Plus, these implants are activating the bone of the jaw, so it helps the patient not to lose any more bone in their jaw.  This keeps the structure of the jawbone which allows them to maintain their facial structure too.

Restoring Smiles With Dental Implants In DC

If missing or failing teeth have caused a serious downgrade in your quality of life and self-image—there is hope.  We understand that the social stigma of having missing teeth or dentures can wreak havoc on emotional as well as physical health.

At Dental Group of Tysons, our hearts go out to those of you who are suffering from these dental conditions.  As you know, it’s easy for hopelessness to set in once teeth begin to fail—one after another.  It’s tough to face a future with dentures and other unnatural solutions that leave your life in a depressing state. However, as detrimental as your condition may be, it doesn’t have to be something you live with forever. 

Dr. Nahlah can bring your smile back and better than ever with the best dental implants in DC.— 

That is because Dr. Nahlah is a seasoned expert in the All-on-Four dental implant procedure.  This procedure can radically change a person who has become introverted due to their smile. With All-on-Four, it can turn them into an extrovert with a perfect smile—in just one day.  

Yes, just one day—and this procedure, unlike dentures or partials, is completely identical to natural teeth in form, function, and feel.  In fact, no one will know you have dental implants unless you tell them.  The All-on-Four method also makes this procedure convenient and far less painful than traditional implants.  In most cases, patients return to work the following day—with a brand-new smile.

Reasons For Missing Or Failing Teeth And Complications

Tooth failure can occur due to a variety of underlying causes and regardless of which it is—you need to resolve it properly.  Some people lose teeth due to poor dental care and allow small issues to turn into catastrophic ones. On the other hand, many times people will practice great dental care but suffer from genetic-borne dental issues.  Problems such as soft teeth, weak enamel, and root issues can be passed through the genetic line.  In other cases, tooth loss is a result of dental trauma such as a car accident or some other blunt force trauma to the mouth. No matter what your underlying cause is, there’s no denying it can be quite traumatic and even worse if not treated properly.

The Impact On Your Health

Failing or missing teeth can wreak havoc on a lot more than just your dental health—that’s a fact many patients don’t realize.

For one, it affects you physically by decreasing bite strength and causing alignment issues that affect chewing.  This, in turn, can lead to malnutrition due to avoiding hard to chew foods that may provide crucial minerals and vitamins.  So many other problems can stack up as a result of poor nutrition—high cholesterol, gout, diabetes, and more.  In fact, in cases of tooth decay—leaving the problem uncorrected can cause heart disease due to the infection spreading into the bloodstream.  You’d be surprised by the statistics of heart disease cases that were a result of unchecked tooth decay. 

Additionally, your emotional health takes a huge hit as your smile is the most expressive and noticeable feature.  When patients have a smile they consider unattractive or unhealthy, it can lead to deep depression.  Self-image takes a hit, and people are less motivated to do anything about it, so it can turn into a downward spiral.

At Dental Group of Tysons, it’s important to us to emphasize that you aren’t defined by your dental issues.  In fact, missing or failing teeth is quite common and not at all a rare condition—millions of Americans suffer from the same problem.  Patients that come to us for dental implants in DC are usually suffering from tooth failure due to issues like:

  • Dental Trauma
  • Decayed Roots
  • Cracked, Chipped or Severely Misshapen Teeth
  • Enamel Erosion
  • Ground Down Teeth
  • Genetic Dental Problems

The good news is when they leave our offices—they have a new outlook on life.

Hope For Your Smile With Dental Implants In DC

Dr. Nahlah is not only one of the most respected dentists in DC, but he is also an expert in All-on-Four dental implants.  With this revolutionary procedure and Dr. Nahlah’s depth of experience—you can have a perfect smile in one single visit. This form of implant-based full mouth reconstruction is what makes the procedure so efficient but also far less painful.  Traditional dental implants typically require two visits with an extensive healing time in-between.  

How Do We Make This Possible?

The All-on-Four method is in and of itself what makes this one-visit solution to missing teeth possible—that’s the bottom line.  At the core of this revolutionary method is the modular aspect of the procedure, which reduces pain and recovery time drastically.     

You see, with traditional dental implants, each implant is usually installed individually tooth for tooth.  With this method, however, we only use four implants for each arch.  On those four implants, we mount what is essentially a prosthetic that is basically upgraded dentures.  The difference is in the materials they’re made of and that they are permanently installed as one piece. No slippage, no taking out to clean, no speech impairment like traditional dentures.

This is much better for your physical health vs. dentures since the implants actually stimulate the jawbone.  This maintains jawbone density and strength while also preserving facial structure and your bite alignment.  The bottom line is—dental implants in DC that use the All-on-Four method are the next best thing to natural teeth. 

Why Choose All-on-Four Dental Implants in DC?

Typically, if you lose one or two teeth, then singular dental implants would be perfectly suitable for that situation.  Even though dental implants are extremely durable, it’s always preferable to keep healthy teeth if possible.  However, when you suffer serious dental trauma or decay resulting in losing a majority of your teeth—All-on-Four is the absolute best solution.  This is due to the modular nature of the procedure and all surgery is completed in one visit. This results in a quick process that is highly accurate and introduces minimal trauma to the gums.  That alone eliminates a majority of significant pain and discomfort and also speeds up recovery.  In fact, most patients need nothing more than a Tylenol every so often to return to work the next day.

Additionally, you will see an immediate improvement in your emotional well-being once you see your perfect smile.  You won’t be limited to what foods you can eat; you won’t have any speech impairment and they’re virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. When you factor in both emotional and physical health benefits and the turnaround time—it’s an amazing advancement in dental surgery.

All-on-Four Procedure At A Glance

The All-On-Four procedure like any other oral surgery starts with 3D imaging of your mouth and taking mold.  All the teeth that are considered a loss are removed and any healthy remainders are extracted as well. 

Then, each implant is strategically placed— two on each arch which will serve as the anchors for the prosthetic arches.  These prosthetic arches are custom designed to a precise 1:1 replica of your natural teeth, only with perfect alignment.  Since no two prosthetics are alike, this is a very personal procedure and truly is a customized smile.

The arches are created in a state-of-the-art lab from the most advanced materials matching or exceeding the hardness of natural teeth.  In fact, they look so identical to natural teeth that you cannot tell the difference. They look, feel, and function just as natural teeth except they’ll never decay.  However, that does not mean you can forego daily dental care.  Food can still get trapped just like regular teeth, and that can lead to gingivitis if you don’t brush and floss daily. 

Let Dr. Nahlah Restore Your Smile Today

With all of the advancements in full mouth reconstruction and restorative dental surgery, you don’t have to live with missing teeth.  Whether you need All-on-Four or singular dental implants in DC, Dr. Nahlah is here for you.

Don’t put it off another minute—contact us today to schedule your free consultation and start living again!

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