Can Dental Implants Be Done In A Day?

Can Dental Implants Be Done In A Day?

A: Yes, they can be done in one day. The patient will come in, we’ll extract the tooth, we’ll put the implant in and put the tooth on top of the implant the same day.

Deciding to get dental implants is a life-changing moment that will give you a completely new outlook on life. This is most evident in patients who are seeking full arch implants when missing multiple teeth.

When we talk about getting dental implants done in a single day, what we’re usually referring to is a method referred to as All On Four. This procedure is a method of dental implant surgery that is used to replace a full arch of teeth or both arches. The unique part about this method? The actual procedure is performed in one visit.

However, to grasp how dental implants can be done in a single day, one has to know a bit about implants first.

What Are Dental Implants?

In a nutshell, a dental implant, for lack of a better term—is a screw. No, not one you can run down to the hardware store and pick up, it’s biocompatible titanium. What does that mean? Well, the body can be picky with many substances regarding implantation. Titanium, however, is completely compatible with the body in nearly 100% of patients.

This means the body will not reject it as a foreign object when it is implanted into your jawbone to replace a root. Not only is titanium compatible, but the jawbone will eventually bond with the implant, building bone material around it. This maintains the jawbone integrity and health which helps to preserve your facial structure among a host of other benefits.

The implant is the base to which the life-like restoration will be mounted. Made from advanced materials that are as hard as natural teeth—they look completely natural. Dental implants work just like your natural teeth and need little to no getting used to.

Now, even though the concept of a dental implant seems pretty simple, getting dental implants hasn’t always been as easy. It used to take months and many visits just to get the procedure done, especially when replacing a full arch. Each implant used to have to be installed one at a time which is not only tedious but uncomfortable. However, All On Four has changed that drastically and now the procedure is virtually painless, and the process is streamlined.

Simplifying Dental Implants Through All On Four

The All On Four method of installing dental implants for full arch replacement is revolutionary on many levels. But just the sheer simplification of the implant process alone makes All On Four a game-changer. It is hands-down the best solution for replacing a full arch since it offers a permanent solution, unlike dentures.

The difference between All On Four is that rather than placing an implant in each socket, the procedure uses only four implants per arch. It does this through a modular approach; meaning that all the replacement teeth are on a single prosthesis.

Not to be confused with dentures, this prosthesis is permanently attached to the four implants strategically placed in the jawbone. This singular prosthesis offers a more secure bond, greater bite strength, and cuts the procedure time by more than 50%. This is how the procedure can be done in a single day and with superior results.

How Is This Possible?

A huge reason why this process works is the advancement of dental imaging and restoration materials. Using modern 3-D imaging hardware, we can create a precision mold of your entire mouth, down to the slightest detail. This makes for a precision fit for the implants without any issues.

The implants support the prosthesis as a whole instead of implanting a mouth full of single implants. This offers greater stability than single dental implants and allows for precise smile creation and faster healing.

All On Four should never be confused with dentures as it’s a permanent solution. Also, because implants stimulate and protect the jawbone, your facial structure remains the same. Often, with dentures, the jaw begins to deteriorate causing dentures to not fit properly. It also drastically changes many patients’ appearance which can be a devastating blow to self-confidence.

Early Action Is Critical To Be A Good Candidate

A critical part of being a good candidate for All On Four is having sufficient jawbone density. Therefore, it’s important not to hesitate when you need a full arch replaced. The longer you put it off, the longer your jawbone is left to disintegrate. Early action can often save you from tedious procedures such as bone grafts that also cost more.

However, even with some jawbone loss either from inaction or from using dentures, the procedure might still be possible. Additionally, it might even be able to be performed without expensive bone grafts. Since only four implants are needed per arch, implants can be installed at an angle to maximize contact with bone material.

However, even if you do need bone grafts the added cost, and time are better than suffering from a disintegrating jawbone or dentures.

Additionally, other factors can impact your candidacy for All On Four. Things such as your lifestyle and overall health have an impact. For example, tobacco users greatly reduce their chances of implant success. Tobacco use, besides being detrimental to your health in general, hinders the healing of sensitive tissue like gums.

Also, patients with diabetes struggle with trouble healing if their condition is not kept under control. If your sugar is constantly high, you’re not taking your medications and insulin, or not eating right you’re putting your health in danger. Not only that, but you are possibly pushing yourself out of qualifying for an All On Four.

What To Expect If You Get All On Four

We understand that for some patients, even the smallest dental procedure can seem frightening. However, most of the fear is due to the anxiety that is spurred by the unknown. We tend to magnify the fear of things we aren’t sure of.

Dr. Nahlah wants his patients to feel as confident about the All On Four procedure as he is. Therefore, we want to tell you the basics of what to expect throughout the process. Often, all it takes is a bit of knowledge beforehand to ease your mind. So on the day of your surgery, Dr. Nahlah will:

First— Administer anesthesia to ease your nerves and it also makes the procedure virtually painless.

Second— Dr. Nahlah preps you for the implants that will be installed in your jawbone. This could mean extracting the failing teeth that have yet to fall out on their own. Then those areas will be cleared of excess gum tissue or diseased tissue to ensure a clean area.

Then— the implant section of the procedure gets underway, and the titanium screws are carefully implanted. Typically, the procedure uses two positioned upfront and two in the back near the molar positions. This gives an even distribution of bite force on the prosthesis once attached.

Lastly— Once the prosthesis is fully secured to the dental implants, Dr. Nahlah cleans the wound area. Sutures are then used to close it up so it can heal and you are sent to the recovery room to let the anesthesia wear off. After that, you have your designated person drive you home. After a few days with some over-the-counter pain meds, you’ll be ready to get back to life.

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