Why is Flossing Important?

By Dr. Nahlah | August 20, 2017

There are many people who do not like flossing. As a result, their smile suffers many painful and costly consequences. Flossing is a vital tool when it comes to fighting off gum disease and keeping your smile in healthy and happy shape. Here at Dental Group of Tysons in McLean, Virginia, our team of experts […]

A Chipped Tooth Needs to Be Examined and Repaired to Prevent a New Cavity

By Dr. Nahlah | May 20, 2017

There are many different things that can carry enough force to chip a tooth. This can come in the form of a sports injury, improvising your teeth as tools or nibbling on a writing instrument. If you grind your teeth at night on a regular basis without the protection of a dental guard, you are […]

Not Just Pulp Fiction: The Truth About Dental Abscesses

By Dr. Nahlah | March 20, 2017

What is an Abscess? An abscess is an infection. There are two types of dental abscesses. A periapical abscess, which happens at the root of a tooth and a periodontal abscess which happens in the gum. A periapical abscess can occur when decay gets into the nerve chamber, killing the nerve and pulp tissue. Sometimes […]