Are Dental Implants Permanent?

Are Dental Implants Permanent?

A: Yes, they are, dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. The patient gets to use them as their normal teeth; chewing and smiling with them like a permanent tooth.

Are dental implants really permanent? Will I have to replace them at some point? Do they ever wear out? Considering the investment of dental implants in DC, you’ve probably contemplated many of these questions.

When we say permanent when speaking of the life span of dental implants, do we mean they will last an eternity? No, but they will indeed be permanent to you—dental implants easily last the lifetime of the average human being. So, all things being relative, we do classify them as a permanent solution with one disclaimer—you must care for them properly.

Naturally, there could be other factors at play that can affect the lifespan of dental implants. Your general health and any underlying conditions can be detrimental to the longevity of implants as well. Patients that have medical diagnoses such as uncontrolled diabetes could shorten the life of their implants drastically. Sometimes, a condition such as that can limit the life of implants to only 10-15 years.

Of course, the premature failure of the implants is not in and of themselves, rather it’s the result of diabetes. This is why we must examine your medical history and current medical conditions before implant surgery. We cannot give you dental implants if you are not controlling diabetes or other hindering conditions.

However, being diabetic isn’t an automatic disqualifier. In fact, many diabetics that have their diabetes under control, get implants and they do last a lifetime. Think of dental implants as medical treatment if you will. Just like any medical treatment, if you have other conditions you aren’t controlling, then that treatment is going to be nullified.

What You Should Know About Dental Implants

As Dr. Nahlah mentioned in the video, dental implants are designed to function just like permanent teeth. Therefore, they must be an exact replica of your teeth to perform that function. Dental implants in DC are an identical, synthetic match to natural teeth, filling in the empty socket perfectly where your tooth once was. Since they’re synthetic they will never decay—but take care of them as if they could!

Implants also support facial structural integrity by stimulating the jawbone which keeps it strong. Without that stimulation, the jawbone deteriorates, and the face begins to look sunken in. Without dental implants, the bone mass in your jaw decreases by about 25% in just one year! This breakdown of the jaw can be the root cause of many other health issues that can wear you down physically and emotionally.

Implants Are Identical To Natural Teeth

When patients ask about dental implants in DC, they find it hard to believe that they identical to natural teeth. However, once we show them a few pictures of the thousands of successful implant procedures Dr. Nahlah has performed—they’re shocked.  They honestly cannot tell who has implants and who doesn’t—and that’s the point of the meticulous artistry of implants. You don’t have to inform anyone that you have implants. You just interact as normal and enjoy the newfound confidence and self-esteem they provide.

No more feeling stigmatized at social gatherings or business meetings, being afraid to smile or take photos. Many patients, before getting dental implants in DC find themselves turning into introverts because of missing teeth. Often, they become withdrawn from friends, co-workers, and even close family due to their embarrassment. The most rewarding part of giving patients dental implants is seeing how quickly their outlook on life changes. We all too often don’t realize how much we value our smile till something happens to it.

However, besides being identical to teeth in the aesthetic sense, implants are also identical in form and function. When you suffer the loss of more than one tooth or even a complete arch, you find you can’t eat certain foods anymore.  Even with dentures, your bite power is still a fraction of what it used to be. Dentures also cause you to speak differently, as teeth are crucial to making many specific phonetic sounds when speaking.

The reason that all of this is possible with dental implants is in their design.

The Design Of Implants

If you want to understand how dental implants can offer so much hope, you need to understand their design. Let’s take a quick overview and discuss the components that go into a dental implant:

  • Implant –A titanium post that is inserted permanently into your jawbone. It replaces the tooth root that was lost. It’s vital because it maintains jawbone mass as well as supporting the restoration.
  • Abutment – This is the mount if you will, for the restoration or prosthesis (for All on Four) and boosts stability. It is threaded into the top of the implant and sits just above the gum line.
  • Crown – Also called a tooth or restoration, it is the part of the tooth above the gum line that you see. Its superior hardness comes from advanced materials that look identical to natural teeth. It is both durable and aesthetically accurate.

Factors That Affect The Longevity Of Implants

As we’ve revealed, dental implants—when properly cared for, should easily last the rest of your life. We cannot stress enough how crucial proper care is to maximize their lifespan. Some major factors can lengthen or shorten the lifespan of your dental implants:

  • Your Oral Care—It’s a lot more than brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice daily. It’s keeping regular checkups with your dentist. That means at least twice a year and maybe more if you’re diabetic or have other underlying conditions. If you fail to see your dentist regularly you run a high risk of implant failure.
  • How You Use Your Teeth—If you’re using your teeth only for what they were designed for, you have nothing to worry about. However, if you consistently chew on hard objects such as ice, pen caps, or opening bottles (yes, it’s happened)—you’re almost guaranteed a failure.
  • Quality Of The Surgery— Even though dental implants are made from some of the most advanced materials, it means nothing if the surgery isn’t done right.  However, when you get your dental implants in DC with Dr. Nahlah, you benefit from a proven surgeon. Dr. Nahlah has successfully performed thousands of dental implant procedures.
  • Your Health And Lifestyle— Your health as well as your lifestyle can make your implants a great success or a colossal failure. Habits such as excessive drinking and using tobacco in any form and amount can be detrimental. If you want to protect your hard-earned investment, stop smoking and moderate your drinking if it’s excessive.
  • Location Of The Implant— Where the implant is installed plays a major role in how long it lasts. Implants located in parts of the mouth that endure the most wear such as molars, technically have a higher risk. However, if you recall, as long as you care for your implants properly, and have no serious underlying conditions—they’ll last a lifetime.

Considering Dental Implants In DC?

If you want to explore dental implants a bit deeper, just come and have a free consultation with Dr. Nahlah. He’ll go over your expectations, your options, and get some images of your teeth. Once he determines you’re a good candidate for the procedure, then together you’ll decide if you’re ready to move forward. After all, this is your smile we’re talking about we want you to feel confident in your decision. Don’t forget, we have several finance options to make it feasible for just about anyone to afford implants.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Nahlah and get to smiling and living again.